The final ScotTALK Podcast interview for the Scottish Parliament 2016 elections features Scottish Greens Glasgow Region List candidate Zara Kitson. Zara tells host John Beattie about her campaign and the key policies that she hopes will convince Glaswegians to give the Scottish Greens their second votes. Advertisements

In this episode, host John Beattie speaks to Johann Lamont, the Scottish Labour candidate for the Glasgow Pollok constituency in the up-coming Scottish Parliament elections. Johann has been MSP for the area since 1999 but faces stiff competition from the SNP. Listen in as we speak to Johann about here role as an MSP, her current […]

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has proved the old adage true that you should never work with children or animals after a farm visit on the campaign trail went awry. The real talking point of Mr Rennie’s visit to Gorgie City Farm – far from the expected promotion of vocational education and work experience opportunities – […]

The global political arena is surrounded by international institutions which fulfill different roles and have varying degrees of independence and influence. However, they are not relevant in every international situation as in the case of harmonious situations, where the interests of states are entirely coincident, nor where states’ interests are fully incompatible. Their relevance exists […]

Speaker to Skinner: “I think he knows the word beginning with ‘D’ and ending in ‘Y’ that he inappropriately used” — DailySunday Politics (@daily_politics) April 11, 2016   Dennis Skinner has been hailed as a hero on Twitter after he was thrown out of today’s House of Commons session for labelling the Prime Minister “dodgy Dave”. […]

  Join host John Beattie for episode 5 of the ScotTALK Podcast as he speaks to Glasgow list candidate Cat Boyd of RISE. Cat hopes to become an MSP for Glasgow and is aiming to secure your second vote in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections 2016. You can watch the interview courtesy of Independence Live here: Subscribe […]

With waves of refugees continuing to arrive on the shores of European nations, a debate has raged about what kind of impact this mass-migration might have on Europe’s economies – and perhaps even more controversially, what kind of effect it might have on its cultures. Of course, some Europeans – most notably, those in Sweden, Iceland […]

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale says it is ‘not inconceivable’ that she could vote for Scottish independence if Britain votes to leave the EU. Ms Dugdale said she would do “whatever I could to preserve and promote” Scotland’s place in the EU, even if meant breaking away from the UK. In a revealing interview with […]

In this episode, host John Beattie returns to theme of interviewing 2016 Scottish parliament election candidates. Tommy Sheridan, co-convener of Solidarity, joins John to discuss his election campaign and what Solidarity can offer the people of Glasgow and Scotland should they give him their vote in the upcoming election.

UKIP’s top Scottish politician, MEP David Coburn, was pranked by social media users after hosting a live periscope conversation about Scottish politics. Users pretended not to hear Mr Coburn and asked him to turn up his mic, causing wide-spread confusion among the UKIP camp. Last night the leaders of Scottish political parties including first minister […]

  ScotTALK Podcast is joined by Labour Councillor Matt Kerr, Glasgow City Council’s Executive Member for Families, Health and Social Care. Presenter John Beattie explores Matt’s background, impending cuts to Glasgow City Council, funding in kinship care and other issues. For more information, visit Twitter, Soundcloud and subscribe to ScotTALK on iTunes.

A common affliction of long-serving governments is that the party in power, no matter how popular at the polling booth or party conference, will eventually find itself rocked with squalls, in-fighting and accusations of political stagnation. Undoubtedly, the SNP’s strength of position with Scottish voters has done little to protect them from this curse in […]

David Cameron’s mother has signed a petition against spending cuts that would see the loss of every children’s centre in his constituency. In typical fashion, Twitter users were quick to respond to the news and poke fun at the Prime Minister, calling him “a naughty boy”. That moment where your Mum wades in… “David Cameron’s […]

The Britain Stronger In Europe campaign may be nothing more than a poor Better Together tribute act but for the nation’s young people, the European Union still represents a beacon of opportunity.  For many of us involved in Scottish politics, irrespective of our views on the subject of independence itself, the country’s referendum unarguably inspired […]

  ScotTALK Podcast is joined by Humza Yousaf MSP for the first of their Glasgow Pollok 2016 candidate interviews. Humza is the SNP candidate for the constituency. Presenter John Beattie explores Humza’s background and personal politics in this biographical interview. This podcast was also streamed live courtesy of Kevin Gibney of Independence Live. For more information, visit Twitter, Soundcloud […]

A pro-independence blogger has claimed that nationalists could be about to issue a legal challenge to the 1707 Act of Union. ‘The Last Jacobite’, a well-known figure among nationalist campaign groups, posted the claim online saying that the eviction notice served to indycamp protesters had opened the door to a legal challenge. In the post, he writes: […]

With the formation of new ‘left alliance’ RISE, more parties will now be looking to your secure crucial ‘list vote’ in a bid to bag seats for their candidates at the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. RISE have been accused in some quarters of stealing voters from the SNP and from traditional Labour stock. Here, Alessio […]