Former SNP MP accuses J.K Rowling of supporting misogyny in Twitter spat


MP and former SNP representative Natalie McGarry got into hot water last night after engaging in a Twitter battle with Harry Potter author J.K Rowling.

The Glasgow East MP tweeted accusing Rowling of “vanity” and ‘defending misogynist trolls”.


It appears McGarry was making reference to a twitter user by the name of Brian Spanner, who the now independent MP claimed Rowling has previously supported.

When prompted for an explanation by the Scottish author, McGarry insisted that she had “cuddled up” to misogynistic trolls before tweeting a screen grab from the “troll” attacking MP Ian Blackford.

When prompted for further explanation, McGarry said Rowling had “tweeted very positive things about” Brian Spanner and sent a screen grab of tweets by the author.


However this screen grab was misleading and Rowling explained that the “good man” tweet had been sent after Spanner had helped raise money for her charity, Lumos.

Following another series of tweets, Rowling warned that the matter might be best taken offline and then suggested that she might need to teach McGarry a lesson in defamation law. Ouch.

The MP for the Glasgow East constituency withdrew from the SNP whip last year over a police investigation into missing funds from the pro-independence campaign group Women for Independence.

Ms McGarry’s twitter has since been made private to her followers.


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