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Yes, it’s a tough sell but young people should still vote to remain in the EU

The Britain Stronger In Europe campaign may be nothing more than a poor Better Together tribute act but for the nation’s young people, the European Union still represents a beacon of opportunity.  For many of us involved in Scottish politics, irrespective of our views on the subject of independence itself, the country’s referendum unarguably inspired […]

Should you give your list vote to RISE?

With the formation of new ‘left alliance’ RISE, more parties will now be looking to your secure crucial ‘list vote’ in a bid to bag seats for their candidates at the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. RISE have been accused in some quarters of stealing voters from the SNP and from traditional Labour stock. Here, Alessio […]

Jeremy Corbyn has faced attacks on all fronts…but he isn’t going anywhere

This September, Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election with a landslide of support from party members. Speaking to delegates, he declared that he would focus his time as leader on bringing about ‘a decent and better society’. In the run up to the election, he was the only candidate to defy the party order […]

Labour politician’s tweet highlights bigger problems for the party as UKIP steal the show

The Labour party hierarchy have gone on an offensive to recover from the political damage caused by a tweeted image during the Rochester and Strood by election. The tweet, which showed a house draped in England flags and a white van parked in the drive way, caused an outcry after UKIP stormed to victory, winning their second seat […]

Is the Westminster bubble about to burst?

It was the second Conservative defection to UKIP in less than a month and could be yet another sign of the growing disillusionment with the current Westminster brand of politics. Mark Reckless, who ditched the Conservative party in favour of UKIP this week, described the Tories as being “out of touch” with the British public. Mr Reckless said the […]

Scottish independence: What happens next?

So Scotland has voted. The referendum campaign has come to an end and for now, Scotland will remain a part of the union. For many, the result will have come as a shock – for others more of a relief. But regardless of how you voted – or how you wish you had voted, one […]

The UK’s lack of social mobility is stifling talent

Last month, a report published by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission (SMCPC) revealed that a small close-nit “cosy club” at the top of British society get the best jobs at the leading institutions and effectively run the UK. Many of the high-profile roles including senior judges, MPs, civil servants and newspaper columnists go to recruits who have come […]

Scottish independence: What does it mean for students?

This week, Scotland will vote on whether to remain part of the UK. As the big day looms ever closer, students on both sides of the border will wait with bated breath, unsure of what either outcome might mean for their future. For Yes supporters, independence will represent the opportunity to secure a brighter future, […]

Scottish independence: Are you still paying attention?

In just a few weeks, the people of Scotland will hold a referendum that regardless of the outcome will irrevocably change the future of the United Kingdom. Three years after the referendum campaign unofficially began and following an onslaught of argument, debate and misinformation on both sides, the question is: are you still paying attention? […]

Scottish independence: What women want

Yesterday, the Daily Record published an exclusive poll of 1000 Scottish women, asking for their views on the upcoming independence referendum and their thoughts on both the Yes and No campaigns. The printed results made for depressing reading. Out of the 1000 women asked, only 34 per cent say they are backing a Yes vote […]

Confessions of an online troll

The author of this piece has chosen to remain anonymous. First of all, I think it’s important to set out exactly what I mean by the term ‘troll’. A fair portion of the media would have you believe that ‘trolling’ is about abusing people on RIP pages or saying the most inane and vulgar thing […]

Miliband attacks Cameron over Europe…but does anyone really care?

This past week, Ed Miliband has taken the Prime Minister to task over Europe and his failed attempt to keep Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming commission president. He described Cameron’s performance as “utter humiliation” and a “masterclass in how to alienate your allies“. The Guardian reported over the weekend that the debacle over Juncker could move […]

How art and collaborative projects can drive social change

Many young people across Europe view their teens and early-to-mid-twenties as an opportunity to be rebellious and to advocate, lobby and protest for social action. LGBT Youth Scotland member Josh McCormick argues that art and collaborative projects can help to break down the social barriers that keep us apart and drive us towards a more tolerant society. […]

Why I’m campaigning to scrap the license fee

Throughout the campaign for Scottish independence, the BBC has been accused, along with a number of other mainstream media outlets, of pro-union bias. However, unlike many of those other outlets, the BBC is a publicly-funded institution and as such, is expected to uphold a good standard of journalistic integrity. Due to the academic work of Professor […]

The benefits of immigration

A lot has been made of immigration in the UK. If you listen to some sections of the media, immigration is costing the country far more than it can afford and vast waves of immigrants are irreversibly altering the faces of our cities and towns. If you listen to the other side however, you will […]

Snowden leaks are a gift to liberty, not terrorists

The head of MI5, Andrew Parker, has been quoted in a number of newspapers today saying that the Guardian‘s NSA and GCHQ leaks caused ‘the greatest damage to Western security in history’ and amounted to a ‘guide book’ for ‘thousands’ of terrorists. Mr Parker said: ‘What we know about the terrorists, and the detail of the capabilities we use against […]