Cybernats plan Act of Union legal challenge following indycamp eviction


A pro-independence blogger has claimed that nationalists could be about to issue a legal challenge to the 1707 Act of Union.

‘The Last Jacobite’, a well-known figure among nationalist campaign groups, posted the claim online saying that the eviction notice served to indycamp protesters had opened the door to a legal challenge.

In the post, he writes: “Fellow Scots and patriots. I hinted the other day that there was a remedy to our frustrated aspirations of liberty and independence that involved neither riggarendums (sic), elections or declarations.

“Well today I’ve been given permission to reveal it to you. By serving an eviction notice on the indycamp, they have opened the door to a legal challenge to the Act of Union!”


Whilst he states that there is a need to keep the precise nature of the legal case a secret for now, Jacobite did say he was convinced that the indycamp legal team have “an excellent case in law”.

Although politicsandthat has been unable to ascertain exactly what kind of legal argument this might be, the plans have already attracted the support of Scottish Resistance leader James Scott who commented: “Well said, Iain. Let’s get the message to other people in other groups.”


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