MP and former SNP representative Natalie McGarry got into hot water last night after engaging in a Twitter battle with Harry Potter author J.K Rowling. The Glasgow East MP tweeted accusing Rowling of “vanity” and ‘defending misogynist trolls”. It appears McGarry was making reference to a twitter user by the name of Brian Spanner, who […]

In May and June 2015, Mali saw President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta’s government signing peace agreements with numerous northern militia and rebel groups, the Coalition of Azawad Movements (CMA). This agreement was made in an attempt to stem violence and unrest that has plagued the West African nation due to ethnic groups in the north of […]

The government have been warned that more needs to be done to protect MPs from the public after a report has found that four out of five have been victims of aggressive or intrusive behaviour. According the report many had been concerned for their safety when dealing with the public and as many as 36 […]

The Conservatives spent more than £1.2 million on Facebook advertising during the general election campaign, records have revealed. Tory spending on the social networking site massively outstripped Labour, which spent just £16,454, documents released by the Electoral Commission show. A series of invoices set out details of what the Conservatives received for their cash, with […]

In episode one of the ScotTALK podcast, host John Beattie discusses Scottish Politics with expert and academic Dr Murray Leith of the University of the West of Scotland, investigating the state of play in Scottish Politics. Topics discusses are: the EU referendum, trident, Scottish Parliament elections 2016 and the possibility of a second Scottish independence […]

A Tory MP has confessed to using poppers during a plea to stop them being made illegal. Former prisons minster Crispin Blunt admitted using the substance as part of a warning to parliament that gay men would likely ignore any ban on alkyl nitrites. Mr Blunt, who came out as gay and left his wife […]

The Better Together campaign against Scottish independence and the British National Party (BNP) have been fined thousands of pounds for failing to submit financial information to the Electoral Commission on time. The commission has fined Better Together 2012 Limited £2,000 for failing to deliver a complete campaign expenditure report for the Scottish independence referendum in […]

Scottish Tories faced embarrassment today after a promotional video posted to their Youtube channel appeared to involuntarily show a homeless man searching for food in a Glasgow bin. In the edited version of the video above, a man can clearly be seen to stand up and look into the bin on Buchanan Street, Glasgow, before […]

Pro-independence activists staged a brief protest outside the Tunnock’s factory a week after the firm advertised its best-selling biscuit as the Great British Tea Cake. Tunnock’s has been accused of severing its Scottish roots with the launch of its latest marketing campaign in England. Three people from the Scottish Resistance group, led by activist Sean […]

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has come out as gay today, describing the decision as “one of the most important of my life”. Mr Mundell wrote on his personal website that it was time to “acknowledge in public as well as in private, who I am”. The 53-year-old said he hoped that coming out would not change […]

So where is Jeremy Hunt? Apparently the Secretary of State for Health is at his desk. But you mustn’t ask that. When Sky News’ Dean McCaffrey asked Norman Williams, Mr Hunt’s senior clinical adviser why Jeremy wouldn’t answer questions on the eve of a national strike by junior doctors, it led to this awkward mid-interview exchange […]

Taoguang yanghui, keeping a low profile, has been one of the essential “24 characters” introduced to guide Chinese foreign policy by Deng Xiaoping since 1990. An approach characterised with a relatively minimal international presence besides pursuing opportunities of internal and economic development, we have now entered an era where China will no longer follow this […]

Labour MP Keith Vaz has deleted his Twitter account tonight without explanation prompting rumours that some kind of scandal may be about to break. The MP for Leicester East, 59, previously suffered a torrent of online abuse from social media users after publicly defending Greville Janner against child sex abuse allegations -although prosecutors now say Janner should […]

David Cameron loves to share a chortle in the House of Commons. Not one to miss out on some contemporaneous fun, the Prime Minister decided to reel off a few Shakespearean witticisms in the House of Commons today during Prime Minister’s questions and attack his opposite number, Jeremy Corbyn, in the process. It came after one […]

Scottish nationalists have called for a boycott of Tunnock’s after the biscuit company scrapped the image of the lion rampant from the packaging of its iconic teacake in a bid to rebrand the snack as British. The image of the Scottish lion is missing from a new advertising campaign that appears on the London underground. […]

The new leader of the UK wing of the National Front has been elected to a local community council after securing just 18 votes. Dave MacDonald, who has been described as a ‘holocaust-denying neo-nazi’, beat three other candidates to win a seat on Aberdeen’s Garthdee Community Council in October, despite a leafleting campaign from anti-fascist […]

This September, Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election with a landslide of support from party members. Speaking to delegates, he declared that he would focus his time as leader on bringing about ‘a decent and better society’. In the run up to the election, he was the only candidate to defy the party order […]

Donald Trump’s National Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson has faced online criticism for appearing on live television wearing a necklace made of bullets. In response to the outcry over her jewelry selection, Pierson said she could wear something even more controversial on her next television hit; a necklace made of fetuses. The incredible statement came after criticism from […]