Veteran Labour MP expelled from Commons after ‘Dodgy Dave’ jibe at Cameron


Dennis Skinner has been hailed as a hero on Twitter after he was thrown out of today’s House of Commons session for labelling the Prime Minister “dodgy Dave”.

The 84-year-old Labour MP refused to retract the description of David Cameron after repeated requests before speaker John Bercow asked him to leave for the rest of the day.

Skinner’s outburst came during a session focused on the PM’s tax affairs and the Panama leaks and while he silenced by Mr Bercow, a large number of Twitter users decided to get involved in the fun.












Mr Bercow gave the Labour stalwart two chances to retract his comments but Mr Skinner remained defiant.

“This man has done more to divide this nation than anybody else. He’s looked after his own pocket,” he said. “I still refer to him as dodgy Dave. Do what you like.”





Skinner and Cameron have had run-ins in the House of Commons before.




And Skinner’s comments were even popular across the pond.




And while some more cynical social media users suggested that Mr Skinner may have planned all along for ‘dodgy Dave’to catch on…




Others were just more cynical about Mr Skinner himself.



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