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Veteran Labour MP expelled from Commons after ‘Dodgy Dave’ jibe at Cameron

Speaker to Skinner: “I think he knows the word beginning with ‘D’ and ending in ‘Y’ that he inappropriately used” — DailySunday Politics (@daily_politics) April 11, 2016   Dennis Skinner has been hailed as a hero on Twitter after he was thrown out of today’s House of Commons session for labelling the Prime Minister “dodgy Dave”. […]

Scottish UKIP leader David Coburn pranked by Periscope users

UKIP’s top Scottish politician, MEP David Coburn, was pranked by social media users after hosting a live periscope conversation about Scottish politics. Users pretended not to hear Mr Coburn and asked him to turn up his mic, causing wide-spread confusion among the UKIP camp. Last night the leaders of Scottish political parties including first minister […]

Video: So where is Jeremy Hunt?

So where is Jeremy Hunt? Apparently the Secretary of State for Health is at his desk. But you mustn’t ask that. When Sky News’ Dean McCaffrey asked Norman Williams, Mr Hunt’s senior clinical adviser why Jeremy wouldn’t answer questions on the eve of a national strike by junior doctors, it led to this awkward mid-interview exchange […]

Video: David Cameron slams Labour with Shakespearean pun parade

David Cameron loves to share a chortle in the House of Commons. Not one to miss out on some contemporaneous fun, the Prime Minister decided to reel off a few Shakespearean witticisms in the House of Commons today during Prime Minister’s questions and attack his opposite number, Jeremy Corbyn, in the process. It came after one […]

Video: Scottish Resistance hold ‘Lion Rampant’ rally…no one turns up

The pro-independence campaign group known as ‘the Scottish Resistance’ held a rally in Glasgow yesterday but faced embarrassment when almost no-one attended. The group rose to public notoriety recently when they reported David Cameron to a local Scottish police station for bombing Syria but have also previously been noted for crashing a Gordon Brown meeting […]

Audio: The Scottish Resistance on yesterday’s Labour protest

Yesterday, a group of protesters made national headlines when they interrupted a Scottish Labour rally in Glasgow featuring Jim Murphy and comedian Eddie Izzard. Displaying banners and shouting over the Labour leader, many were criticised for trying to ‘stifle free speech’ and many Scottish nationalists condemned the protesters actions. James Scott, of the Scottish Resistance, a […]

Video: 2014 – A political year in review

2014 was a pretty crazy year in British – and especially Scottish – politics. There was the referendum, the rise of the SNP as a dominant force, the UKIP defectors, international outrage over ISIS and Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich. In case you want to relive some of those ‘magical’ moments ahead of this […]

Video: Why can’t David Cameron get down like this?

During a celebration of the Day of Democracy and Human rights – arranged by the government to celebrate the 31st anniversary of a return to democracy in Argentina, the country’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner threw down some serious shapes. With a leader of the opposition who spends his nights just reading about drugs and […]

Video: Liam Fox won’t apologise for Christmas

Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox has today released a video suggesting that Christians shouldn’t “apologise for Christmas”. Yesterday, he made a similar appeal via the newspapers, days after David Cameron’s family Christmas card was panned for “lacking Christian tradition”. In the spectacularly awkward minute-long video that arguably entirely misses the point of the original Cameron Christmas card debacle, Fox regales us […]

Video: Make lying in parliament history

Jolyon Rubinstein, from BBC Three’s The Revolution Will Be Televised, has started a campaign to spark a debate about the importance of truth in politics. He says that the time has come to look again at why so few people trust politicians and consider whether it should be illegal for MPs to lie to Parliament. […]

Video: Watch SNP councillors burn the Smith Commission report

Here’s a video of some idiots burning paper. It would almost be funny if they weren’t, you know, supposed to be involved in running a council. Councils: those things that actually impact on people’s standard of life. Regardless of where you stand on Scottish independence, you should probably watch this and despair. All three apparently […]

Video: Channel 4’s economics editor is sick of city banksters

This video of Channel 4’s economic editor has gone viral over the last few days. In it, Paul Mason offers his raw thoughts on the news, saying he is ‘sick’ of returning to film outside the RBS offices in London after years of banking scandals. As six banks are fined £2.6bn for market rigging, he […]

Cameron’s Conservative Conference Rap

If you’re a human and not just some sort of experimental political anorak, chances are you didn’t make it all the way through the Conservative Party conference without at least taking a break. Thankfully for you, we’ve got the very best thing to come out of the whole experience anyway – unless you’re a fan […]

Video: The truth about what’s happening to our NHS

The 1948 Act establishing the NHS gave the Secretary of State for Health the duty to provide universal healthcare. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 removes this duty and introduces a market. Allyson Pollock describes why this should be a worry for all of us. Allyson Pollock is Professor of Public Health Research & […]

Video: David Cameron on the next age of government

In 2010, David Cameron spoke about entering a new era — where governments themselves have less power (and less money) and people empowered by technology have more. Tapping into new ideas on behavioral economics, he explores how these trends could be turned into smarter policy. Four years later, some time into his first term as Prime […]

Video: The Scottish independence megamix

If this doesn’t help you make up your mind, nothing will. This songified debate remix perfectly encapsulated every aspect of the referendum campaign. The full version was released by Sky News to encourage voters to tune in on 18th September to watch live coverage as the people of Scotland decide the country’s future. Find out what […]

Better Together mocked for “Patronising” appeal to female voters

Pro-union campaign group Better Together have been mocked for a referendum broadcast targeted towards undecided female voters. Supporters on both sides of the political divide took to social media to lambast the video for speaking down to female voters and condescending prospective supporters. The video, titled “The woman who made up her mind”, was posted […]

Salmond: I would quit SNP for a Yes vote

Scotland’s First Minister has said that he would quit his party and give up politics for good if it meant securing a Yes vote on Scottish independence. Alex Salmond made the claim during a public meeting in Arbroath yesterday evening. The SNP party leader has previously admitted his frustration at the Scottish independence referendum being regarded […]