Better Together and BNP fined by Electoral Commission

Better Together


The Better Together campaign against Scottish independence and the British National Party (BNP) have been fined thousands of pounds for failing to submit financial information to the Electoral Commission on time.

The commission has fined Better Together 2012 Limited £2,000 for failing to deliver a complete campaign expenditure report for the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

It has also fined the BNP £2,400 for failing to deliver its statement of accounts for 2014 by the due date.

The campaign expenditure report Better Together delivered did not include invoices or receipts to support approximately £57,000 (5 per cent) of its expenditure, the commission said.

The law requires receipts or invoices for all items of expenditure in excess of £200.

The commission decided a financial sanction was appropriate as Better Together had “more significant resources and a higher profile than other campaigners”.

Commission officials found “no evidence to suggest that the omissions were deliberate and took into account that the responsible person for the organisation made efforts to provide further supporting documentation after the deadline for the report had passed”.

Better Together paid the fine in full on January 12.


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