Labour MP Keith Vaz deletes Twitter account amid scandal rumours

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Labour MP Keith Vaz has deleted his Twitter account tonight without explanation prompting rumours that some kind of scandal may be about to break.

The MP for Leicester East, 59, previously suffered a torrent of online abuse from social media users after publicly defending Greville Janner against child sex abuse allegations -although prosecutors now say Janner should have stood trial.

Mr Vaz had amassed an online following of hundreds of thousands and users were quick to question why the veteran MP hastily shut down his social media presence without so much of an explanation or final post to inform followers of his online departure.

Andrew Roberts said: ‘So, does anyone know why Keith Vaz has deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts this evening?’

Mikey Halford added: ‘How odd Keith Vaz has deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts… something about to break?’

Mayah Riaz pondered: ‘Keith Vaz is trending (again) and his Twitter account has been deleted. Coincidence? Me thinks something is about to go down, don’t you?’

Meanwhile, Ed DeMolay said: ‘Rumours of a big Keith Vaz story about to break. He’s deleted his Twitter and Facebook.’

And another user, called Kev, said: ‘I’ve never liked the media hungry Keith Vaz. The deleting of his social media accounts suggests something is afoot.’

politicsandthat has contacted Mr Vaz for comment.



  1. uh_huh · · Reply

    Keith Vaz born 1956 that makes him older than 49

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re quite right. Typo on our part, corrected now. Thanks for letting us know!


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