Storm in a teacake: Nationalists threaten Tunnock’s boycott over teacake snub

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Scottish nationalists have called for a boycott of Tunnock’s after the biscuit company scrapped the image of the lion rampant from the packaging of its iconic teacake in a bid to rebrand the snack as British.

The image of the Scottish lion is missing from a new advertising campaign that appears on the London underground. In the ads, the marshmallow snack is also referred to as “Tunnock’s Great British teacake”.

In a Facebook group, Boycott The Companies That Scared Scotland, nationalists said: “Tunnocks are ditching the lion rampant from their branding stating they are not a Scottish biscuit, they are a Great British biscuit.

“This is the second time this company have pissed on Scotland after funding a No vote in 2014. What’s really petty is a millionaire interfering with a country’s democratic decision so he can sell more biscuits.”

The post has been shared more than a thousand times. Others began tweeting about the company using the hashtag #BoycottTunnocks, with one user saying the snack has been banned in his house for over a year.

One SNP member tweeted: “Re-branding is one thing – what Tunnocks did was a brazen rejection of Scotland.”

Another independence supporter said: “Imagine if Guinness had said they wouldn’t promote Ireland or Toblerone saying they wouldn’t promote Switzerland.”

Conservative voter Mr Tunnock, who spoke out in favour of the Union during the 2014 referendum debate, said the furore was a “storm in tea cake”.

He told Radio Scotland: “The advert we put in London was a sort of spoof of the British Bake Off. It was my son-in-law who suggested this and I thought it was okay.”

But he later told Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show: “We’re in Britain, that’s what we say.

“We are advertising the Great British Tea Cake because we had a referendum here and 55% of Scottish people wanted to be in Britain and that’s why we’re calling it the British tea cake.”

Mr Tunnock said the lion rampant image has not been removed from the packaging, as some people had suggested.


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