Glasgow students set up drop in clinic to care for homeless pets


Launched in October this year, The Trusty Paws Clinic is a pop-up project that aims to provide a place for the city’s homeless to bring their dogs for medical care, food and blankets.

The project was set up by fourth-year veterinary student Ruby Shorrock and has so far held two clinics with items donated by the Glasgow public.

“I got the idea at Christmas time when my Nan pointed out a news article about a group down in Nottingham who were doing a similar thing,” Ruby told STV news. “I saw what a good job they were doing down there and it made me wonder if we had anything similar in Glasgow.”

After researching the different charities around Glasgow, Ruby found that there were no other programmes of this kind available and because homeless shelters don’t allow dogs into the shelters, she found that homeless people often chose to sleep outside rather than leave their dogs behind.

A description on the group’s Facebook page reads: “To many of these people, their dogs are the only things willing to love them without judgement. They provide much needed company and are very special to their owners. Preventing the dogs from catching nasty diseases and parasites is an easy way to make sure their lives are comfortable.”

With their third clinic about to take place this month, Ruby and the clinic’s student vets are looking to provide the animals with vaccinations, microchips and help homeless people look after their pets.10338335_317232891765996_4571315205140256575_n

The next clinic will be held at their drop-in centre on London Road on December 3 and the team are looking for donations of old coats, leads or dog collars.

To find out more and how to donate, visit the group’s Facebook page at


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