Glaswegians set to join global protest for Million Mask March


Protesters from the ‘hacktivist group’ Anonymous and other pro-democracy movements will take to the streets of Glasgow this November 5 to join demonstrators around the world in taking on big corporations and corrupt public bodies.

The Bonfire Night demonstration, which is organised under the name ‘Million Mask March’ – a reference to Guy Fawkes masks, which have been adopted as a symbol of dissension against tyranny by the Anonymous movement – will be part of a global protest that will see replica events take place around the globe.

Last year’s protests saw gatherings in more than 400 cities and organisers are predicting even greater support this year.  At the time of writing, more than 1200 people have already signed up for the Glasgow event on the group’s Facebook page.

The organiser of the march, under the pseudonym ‘John Snow’, said that this year’s protest will capitalise on the increased interest.

“Those who want to speak can and will have their say,” he said. “Whether it’s about their chosen charity, their reason for attending or just their dislike about what is going wrong in this country and the world; they will get their chance.

“The government and the news channels don’t want to throw any support to Anonymous in the slightest and I can understand why. It’s because we are a growing group that will eventually win out over the corruption. This year it will be impossible to hide as the numbers far exceed that of last year. We will not go unheard.”

This year’s march in Glasgow will also see an expansion on last year’s set up, with live bands and charity collections being introduced. Glasgow’s Needy are expected to make collections for the city’s most vulnerable, whilst other groups are hoping to acquire old clothes and blankets for the homeless in time for Christmas.

Craig Adams from the band Mythical Creatures – who are set to play at the event – explained why they agreed to take part.

“We fought wars with flowers in the ‘70s and we can fight them again with people power now,” he said. “The movement in Glasgow is showing that people do want change and are unhappy with the status quo.

“Anything that we can do through our music and our presence at these kinds of events can only assist in showing the powers that be that things aren’t rosy down at the bottom of the garden and that they must start to respect and serve the electorate rather than their own selfish needs.”

The Million Mask March website, which represents the protests globally, describes the event as the “Largest World Protest” by the “Most Influential Group in the World”, in reference to a poll from Time magazine in 2012. The page also says the group has no rulers, no rules and no specific membership criteria.

“Matthew”, again using a pseudonym to protect his anonymity, attended last year’s march and intends to do the same this year. He said that he believes in Anonymous because he feels that no one in mainstream politics is representing what he believes needs to be done.

“The reality is that things have to change and actually we don’t have a choice,” he said. “We live on this planet and we have a set number of people and a set number of resources. We have enough for everyone but we don’t have enough for a tiny group to take up the vast majority of the food, the energy and the wealth.

“If we don’t do something now, in 50 years we’re going to be in a situation where greed and public apathy have destroyed our planet and where life will be unimaginably tough. I know it might not be glamorous to go out and talk about these kinds of issues but I really hope that people will think about it and realise what needs to be done. When they do, we’ll be ready and they can march with us to make this world a better place for everyone.”

The event will begin at 6.30pm in Glasgow’s George Square on November 5 and is expected to culminate in a migration to Glasgow Green at around 8pm.

For more information, visit the Glasgow Million Mask March 2014 Facebook page.


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