Violence erupts in Glasgow as Scotland votes No

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Loyalists have taken violently to the streets of Glasgow tonight after Scotland voted to remain part of the UK.

Supporters waiving unionist flags took to George Square before moving towards Buchanan Street, where they continued demonstrations in celebration of the landmark vote to remain in the union.

There they clashed with groups of Scottish nationalists and images showing flares being thrown between the two sides have since been uploaded online.

Eyewitnesses have reported police helicopters and emergency crews being drafted into the city centre as the unrest continues to rise. Many campaigners have been keen to attribute the disorder to sectarian violence rather than associate the scenes with the referendum campaign.

Outside the Glasgow City Chambers, loyalists launched a verbal homophobic attack on Austin Sheridan,  an out gay SNP Councillor for the Baillieston constituency of Glasgow.

Speaking on the incident, Mr Sheridan said: “I’ve accepted the democratic decision of Scotland but it is totally unacceptable that unionists use the result as means of intimidation. Any intimidation is totally wrong.

“All homophobic and transphobic attacks are unacceptable. It is totally unacceptable and ridiculous that one’s sexuality, ethnicity, religious belief, political views, gender, or any other issue, should be used as an excuse to attack anyone.”

You can watch the video of the incident below but readers are advised to use their own discretion due to the high level of unacceptable language and distressing footage.

Supporters are now reported to be making their way through Buchanan Street “looking for Yes supporters” and those in the city this evening are being advised to remain vigilant, avoid the areas in question and report any incidents to Police Scotland on 101.

We’ll keep you updated as more comes in.



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