Where is Ed McMiliband?


Back in June, Ed Miliband announced that he would be moving to Scotland to support Better Together’s final push to keep the union intact. But with 11 days to go, the question is: where is he?

The Labour leader said he would base himself north of the Border to campaign for the unionist cross-party group and promised that winning the independence referendum was his number one priority.

Speaking in June to the Daily Record, Miliband said: “Scotland is 10 months away from a Labour government, which will make dealing with low pay and inequality a priority, not cutting corporation tax as the SNP want to.

“That’s why I’m here showing what we are planning for a Labour government and showing what a Labour government are going to do.

“I’m going to be here a lot in the next 12 weeks. There is no bigger priority.

“The referendum is front and centre because it is an incredibly important question for the whole of the UK.”

Despite this, Miliband’s lengthier stay in Scotland never really materialised and the SNP’s accusation that UK political leaders just “fly in and out” seems to have been a lot more accurate than Mr Miliband would like to admit.

Speaking to the Daily Mail today, the Labour leader announced plans to put guards on the Scottish border in the event of a Yes vote.

According to the Mail, a Downing Street source backed Mr Miliband in his plans, saying: ‘All the research shows that if there is a material difference between the immigration policy adopted by an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK, then border controls would have to be introduced’.


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