Why I’m campaigning to scrap the license fee


Throughout the campaign for Scottish independence, the BBC has been accused, along with a number of other mainstream media outlets, of pro-union bias. However, unlike many of those other outlets, the BBC is a publicly-funded institution and as such, is expected to uphold a good standard of journalistic integrity. Due to the academic work of Professor John Robertson and others, we know that is simply not the case.

I feel the BBC has lost any sort of integrity it once had in the eyes of the public. From the sickening Jimmy Savile scandal – the full details of which are still being revealed to us all – to the racist and sexist outbursts of certain staff, the BBC has clearly lost its way. However, for many, the blatant pandering to UKIP in the build up to the recent European elections was the final straw.

We saw Nigel Farage and his party receive more coverage than any of the other three mainstream parties and much more in comparison to what the Greens and other “smaller” groups were offered. To many, including myself, this was deeply worrying.

The BBC had indirectly helped to fuel the flames of fascism on this island by its assistance to UKIP. You only need to look at how well they have done recently, regardless of whether people see their current popularity as a “protest vote”.

Despite the BBC and other media outlets playing their part in UKIP’s rise, I am glad that we in Scotland generally reject their homophobic, sexist, bigoted, jingoistic and anti-worker stance and see them for what they really are.

I have spoken to a large number pro-independence supporters and many feel that a mass cancellation of the TV licence is the best way to hit back at the BBC, to hit them where it hurts most; their pocket.

This is not something that is illegal, as the common misconception goes. It is something I encourage people to really look into and in my opinion, it is the right thing to do.

That’s why I set up the facebook page, to help provide information so that people know that you do not legally need to pay the license. I have that information on the page, including recorded examples from people who have had visits from the police and TV license ‘officers’ to “execute search warrants”, only to be denied entry and turned away.

With a rumoured strike from the NUJ and voices of discontent within the BBC itself, a mass cancellation of the license fee in Scotland could strike a massive blow to the BBC. In my opinion, the BBC are nothing but an Orwellian “ministry of truth”, used by the British state to influence the minds of those who still use it as their only news source.

With their promotion of fear over reasoned debate and their open bias in favour of the union, they are denying Scots the information that they need to make the most important decision that we as a nation may ever face.

I only hope for the sake of this country, people see past the lies and take action by cancelling their licence. Individually, we might not have much power but united we can clear out the corrupt and immoral BBC.

Ask yourself, why should the people of Scotland fund an institution that is lying to them on a daily basis? I for one say no more and can only hope more people will follow suit.


Omc9h6wk Alessio Gentile is a member of the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) and coordinator of the RIC Govan branch. You can follow him on Twitter here.


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