Paxman: His finest moments

Jeremy Paxman … snoring boring.

When Jeremy Paxman resigned his 25-year position as lead presenter on Newsnight last night, the news was met with upset, confusion and probably more than a slight hint of relief from some of politics’ leading moral mercenaries.

Paxman became synonymous with asking the questions the public wanted to ask and not allowing politicians to squirm their way out of answering them.

So here, for all you Paxomaniacs out there, are his very best bits:


Paxman vs Howard

In May 1997, Paxman took on the then Home Secretary, Michael Howard. So Mr Howard, did you threaten to overrule him?


Paxman vs Smith

When Chancellor George Osborne decided he didn’t want to go on television in 2012 to face a grilling over his repeated U-turns, he sent his junior Treasury minister Chloe Smith instead. It didn’t go well. Absolutely excruciating.


Paxman vs The Sky

Jeremy Paxman doesn’t care for your puny human weather forecasts. If you live in Scotland, you should probably always have an umbrella with you so at least that was sound advice.


Paxman vs His Own Colleagues

Even Newsnight colleagues aren’t safe from a grilling. Come on, Paul!


Paxman vs Pornographers

Have you ever wanted to see a man read a list of x-rated magazine titles to the Prime Minister? Well, this is your chance. Surreal viewing all round and another excellent interview from a true great in British broadcast journalism.


Have we missed any? Let us know your favourite in the comments section below.




  1. Vs Galloway?


  2. · · Reply

    That is a cracker! Just for you:


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