Video: Lamont struggles to defend devolution tax proposals

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont will be reeling after suffering yet another questionable media performance on Newsnight Scotland last night.

The interview, in full in the video above, attracted strong criticisms on social media site Twitter, with many users showing outright derision for Ms Lamont’s arguments.

Perhaps attracting most attention was a comment made by Ms Lamont regarding wealth redistribution.

“We believe very strongly the United Kingdom is about sharing risk and resources, it is about pooling risk, and it is about redistributing out of better-off parts of the United Kingdom into poorer bits,” the Scottish Labour leader said.

Scottish political website Wings Over Scotland were quick to point out that Scotland is still the most prosperous part of the UK outside of London and the South East (as below), drawing parallels to Douglas Alexander’s much maligned ‘independence will mean walking away from Britain’s poor‘ argument.


Speaking yesterday after Scottish Labour’s Devolution Commission announcement, Ben Thomson, chairman of the Devo Plus thinktank, which has Labour, Lib Dem and Tory membership, said he was deeply disappointed by the new proposals and claimed it would not make Scottish politicians accountable enough for the money they spend.

“It’s just tinkering with the current system,” Thomson said. “It’s just lip service towards real devolved powers. The SNP will benefit from this; they will just say that the unionist parties aren’t interested in real devolution.”

What did you think of Johann Lamont’s performance? Leave a comment below…


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    This ‘leader’ just can’t cut it. If Scotland does go independent, I think the Better Together campaign will have some real questions to answer.


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