George Osborne: People like paying higher tax


Chancellor George Osborne has been accused of insulting voters after claiming that forcing people to pay a higher rate of tax is ‘good for them’ because it makes them feel more successful and likely to vote Conservative.

The Tory Chancellor’s comments were made in a secret meeting at his Downing Street office – the contents of which were leaked to the Mail on Sunday.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Osborne is reported to have said: “Let’s not forget there are advantages in more people paying tax at 40p. It means they feel they are a success and joining the aspirational classes.”

He continued: “That means they are more likely to think like Conservatives and vote Conservative. If they are paying 40p tax they have a greater interest in cutting Government spending because they are paying for it. All the polling evidence suggests I am right.”

The disclosure comes as Mr Osborne is poised to announce a rise in the threshold of income tax while rejecting pleas to stop more middle earners being brought into the higher tax band.

One Tory MP described a ‘stunned silence’ in the room and said it was a ‘Marie Antoinette moment.’

Another is reported to have told Mr Osborne that his argument was ‘illogical’, saying: “You cannot argue that making more people pay 40p tax is good because they are more likely to want to cut government spending, while letting more people at the bottom end pay no tax whatsoever.”

The Chancellor’s claim was made at a meeting with senior Tory MPs on the executive of the party’s 1922 Committee on February 5.

The Chancellor’s team later contacted Tory tax rebels ordering them to stay quiet.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    The mans a joke get him out put him in a 6.31 an hr job c if he could live on it .

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  2. Doug Crabtree · · Reply

    Osborne is delusional and totally out of touch with reality. It is scary to think that an idiot like this is in such a postion of power.

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  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    there are men in government that shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.

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  4. Its as I have been saying, they r forcing people to hate and blame people on benifits which he thinks raising tax will make them do, hes pathetic!! My partner doesnt feel more successful coz how much tax he pays, he feels tired, overworked, under payed and totally taken the pxxs out of by this idiotic goverment. I wish every bad thing in the world to happen to this money grabbing, stuck up, hateful tory government!!! Smug bxxxxxxs!!

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  5. The lot of them need sacking….literally, like the romans used to do!!! Tories are vile, disgusting human beings, money mad and totally lacking in empathy!!

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  6. My partner doesnt feel successful for all the tax he pays…he feels tired, overworked and under paid and yes, u lot r to blame!! Ur greedy, delusional, out of touch.your pathetic!!


  7. words cannot describe this out of touch fool.

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  8. I look at his stupid, smug, obscene features and want to practice my baseball swing…….


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