Cameron bans MPs from teaming with UKIP


The Tory leader ruled out any possibility of an election-time deal after UKIP crashed the Conservative Party conference.

David Cameron has banned his Conservative MPs from teaming up with UKIP candidates at the next election after it was claimed that as many as 20 Tories would like to stand on a joint ticket.

The move comes after UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, gate-crashed the Conservative Party conference and embarrassed the Tories by drawing large crowds – including several Conservative MPs.

The visit reportedly angered senior Tory figures and Chancellor, George Osborne said that there was simply no way that Conservative MPs would be allowed to stand along side UKIP candidates.

He said: “There aren’t going to be any deals with UKIP and there are not going to be Conservative-UKIP candidates locally. The only candidates who will stand for the Conservative Party at the election are Conservative-only candidates. There’s a very clear rule in our country, which is that candidates have to be approved by the party and the Conservative Party will be fielding Conservative-only candidates.”

Farage has repeatedly stated that he does not wish to work with David Cameron, who once insulted Ukip as a party of ‘fruitcakes’ and ‘closet racists’. However the Ukip leader extended the olive branch to like-minded MPs from any party who would like to team up with a Ukip running-mate.

Other members of the Conservative Party have made it clear that they would be much more interested in a deal with UKIP. Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, said he is ‘strongly in favour’ of UKIP and the Conservatives working together if they were to share the same vision of an independent Britain. Other Eurosceptic MPs like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Peter Bone have also expressed an interest in the past.


One comment

  1. UKIP are basically the lost Torrie tribe of old.
    Banning this kind of cross party team up kinda sucks baws considering they teamed up with the Lib Dems.


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